Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ploen Promdaen - "At the end of the Kathin Ceremony..."

...I can smell women". Welcome to another Ploen Promdaen post. This record is a bit older than the previously posted "Glua Duang" - the record actually has the year on the top left, 2510 -  that makes it 1967 in western calendar. This is before Ploen Promdaen developed his talking style (plaeng put) which made him famous, but from the title (what does it mean really?) you can already see that he loves provoking and hilarious lyrics for his songs. Its a great set, and I post the whole album, even though the last song on Side A is a cheesy ballad from a female singer, but she makes up for it with the last song on Side B, which closes the set with a great Lae style song. The rest is Ploen Promdaen at his finest. The file is this time in .wav, because I had problems converting to mp3. DL should be quick though (its on Mega). Please enjoy!

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