Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kwanjit Sriprachan - "Nang Kruan" Lae album

This is an absolute astonishing Lae album from Kwanjit Sriprachan. Lae is often described as rap-like, and it certainly shares characteristics with Rap, but also reminds me of funk or soul. Songs are usually variations or deeper explorations into a spiriritual topic. On this album, songs come in pairs. There are six songs, and each has two parts, overall the rhythm builds up from song to song. This kind of music was described as "space funk" Lae, and it is one of the best Thai records I know. Please enjoy as much as I did!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thai Classic - C.T.R. 248's amazing!

Without much ado I give you this otherworldly album - "Thai Doem", Classical Thai music, haunting, challenging acquired taste I suppose...please give it a try here!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Onuma Singsiri - "Mae Kha Som Dam", the somdam vendor...from Vinyl!

If you like Molam you have heard her song "Mae Kha Somdam" for sure...its included on the splendid "Sound of Siam" compilation. The LP with this song is "Sao Isaan Ror Rak" (Isaan girl waiting for love), and its amazing. It blends Pop with Molam style, and you will find Isaan pop (the first 2 tracks are related - first Onuma has her saying, and in the second song her male companion answers, a song form that is called "rong gae"), great ballads ("orn sorn siang sor", track 7), funky stuff with wah-wah guitars and traditional Molam.
Actually, there are lots of awesome 45s which are not found on any LP. If you see anything by Onuma Singsiri, just get it...whatever she sang sounded great! But please hear for yourself - enjoy!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Thai Funk/Luk Thung e-san from Mister Dao Bandon!

Sunday and some time to fool around...! This record from Mr. Dao Bandon has been with me for a while, but I only recently discovered how great it actually is. Probably a perfect example of what is often considered Thai Funk (which is not that funky, but more like late sixties soul that is just about to get funky). I'd rather say it is the E-san version of Luk Thung (luk thung e-san), and together with Saksiam Petchompoo and Thepporn Pethubon he is one of the great stars of this genre. His voice is much higher than for example Thepporn's, but this makes it so suitable for funky rhythms. Here is HLP 236! Beware, I did not include the last 2 songs, which like on many other records from this period give a far too sweet (=cheesy) closing to this record...

For further listening you may check out a recent compilation of his essential songs on the wonderful EM Records label from Japan called "Man on a Water Buffalo".

Friday, October 13, 2017

more from Banyen Rakgaen - Molam from HLP 231 and 247

Was neues altes von Banyen Rakgaen! Ich hatte hier bereits die fantastische "Lam ploen denn isaan" gepostet, die sehr roh und groovig ist. Leider sind viele späte Alben von Banyen vollkommen anders, möglicherweise gab es den Wunsch, auch einmal einen Hit zu haben, erfolgreich zu sein und Geld zu verdienen. Möglicherweise war es ähnlich wie bei anderen Musikformen, dass irgendwann die Möglichkeiten, den Molam zu variieren, ausgereizt waren. Ich lass das mal als Hypothese so stehen, denn es würde ganz gut diese zwei Alben von Banyen erklären. HLP 231 und 247 haben jeweils eine fantastische A Seite, die mit Molam und Lam Ploen sehr experimentell umgeht, während die B Seiten jeweils nur schmalzige Balladen bieten. Das Konzept war wohl, auf Nummer sicher zu gehen. Schmeisst man den Schmalz der B-Seiten raus, hat man ein absolutes Killer Album! Ich erlaube mir daher mal, hier jeweils nur die A Seiten zu posten!

Sorry folks, this time I prefer to write in German. Please let the music speak for itself! You will find innovative Molam from Banyen Rakgaen, only the A Sides from HLP 231 and 247 - together they make for a killer record! 

Have fun!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Thai Funk from The Impossibles! "Stage Show" (1974)


The Impossibles were really big in Thailand throughout the Seventies, playing Soul, Funk, Country and Ballads alike. They recorded their 1975 Album “Hot Pepper” in Sweden while on Tour in Europe: reportedly they were the first Thai Rock Band to record a whole album in English.  They took their name from a 1960s cartoon called “The Impossibles” (a Hanna-Barbera TV Series). The group split up in 1977. While “Hot Pepper”, originally issued on Philips in 1975, has been repressed (unofficially?), “Stage Show” from 1974 has not been repressed. A couple of weeks ago I found this record in a small shop and did not expect too much, since most later records from The Impossibles were rather unlistenable (cheesy ballads). .. but not his one! It gets immediately funky, starting with an awesome version of Stevie Wonders “Superstition”, and stays funky and soulish (think Kool & The Gang, Barry White etc.). The only song I had to omit is a cover of Hank Williams' “Your cheatin’ heart”. I am a big fan of Hank Williams, but I want to spare you (and the world) this cover-version from the Impossibles… anyway, the rest is awesome, please enjoy! If you like to see the songlist, it can be found on Discogs…

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Jan Molam - a couple of my favorite 7inches compiled

Semester break, and finally I can upload a few of my favorite tunes. You will find Lae  (check out tune number 1 Yodkaew - sounds to me like a thai sibling of Junior Kimbrough), Lam Ploen/Molam, Shadow/Garage (The Cat), the unique Waiphod Petsuphan, even one classical song, some popular singers like Ploen Promdaen, Chai Mueangsing and Thepporn Petubon, and many I have no information about. All of these are from 7 Inch vinyl, so I hope lots of songs you have never heard before! Here are the tracks:

  1. Yodgaew Duangden: lae mae mai
  2. Suntorn Chairungrueang: toey disco
  3. Banyen Sriwongsa: lam phloen sawan chao na
  4. Chai Mueangsing: blug ban
  5. Kobgun Wongsawaat: lam phloem hag num ban na
  6. Napapon Mueangsuphan: sawan jao ka
  7. Asawin Binphet: lan toey giao saao
  8. Waiphod Petsuphan: chom sao isaan
  9. Kam Mueang Nakorn: chuan nong long dai (2nd half)
  10. Dao Bandon: lae pattana meuang
  11. The Cat: torpedo run
  12. Thepporn Petubon: phlaeng jai dam
  13. Rungpet Phetisaan: phon hen naa
  14. Samai & Somchai & Sonwong: jubyae jan
  15. Waiphod Petsuphan: tid gaew gin liang
  16. Thai Classical Music: serng kratipkao
  17. Ploen Promdaen: farang serng bongfai
 Hope you enjoy my compilation!