Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Chabaprai Naamwai - Lam Ploen Kidtueng Faen Tahan HLP 276

Chabaprai Naamwai is from Kalasin Province and issued some excellent records on the "Thra Pin Kaen" Label in the 70ties. This one, HLP 276, is one of her best, collecting some of her best "Lam Phloen" Songs. Basically I choose to upload this set because so far I feel that I did not yet post a lot of Lam Phloen (just the Pet Phin Tong Albums) even though my main motivation for this blog was my wish to make Lam Phloen better known. Chabaprai sings a more accessible kind of pop style Lam Phloen, which is good as an introduction to Lam Phloen. The early songs in the 50ties and 60ties had only the singer and the Kaen, and gradually musicians added drums and electric instruments. Usually these songs start with the singer vocalizing (ooh la nor... ooh la nai....) and after a minute or so the drums and other instruments kick in. Great fun, great music! Get on your dancing feet here!

If you like this, take a look at the excellent Monrakplengthai Blog, where you find an early tape, and another excellent post at saoban esan with a lot of information on Chabaprai!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

JanMolam - WeddingMix for Lina

vielen Dank von Prairin und mir für deine Gastfreundschaft in Hamburg! - und wie versprochen findest du hier den Molam Mix, den wir für unsere Heirat vorbereitet hatten - so kannst du doch noch irgendwie dabeisein!

1. Ploen Promdaen - Farang Zeang Bong Fai
2. Angkhanang Khunchai - Toey Salap Parma
3. Banyen Sriwongsa - Lam Ploen Kon Baa Huay
4. Banyen Sriwongsa - Ramwong Saraphan
5. Montien Tiantong - Gor Gai
6. Angkhanang Khunchai - Kid Hod Chu
7. Chutima Duangporn - Fon Dok Laew
8. Suang Santi - Phu Yingyai Part 2
9. Ornuma Sringsiri - Mae Khai Somdam
10. Pet Pin Thong - Bump Lam Ploen
11. Banyen Rakgaen - Siang Toey Jak Jai
12. Petch Asia Band - Lam Ploen Doa Yang
13. Saksiam Petchompoo - Saksiam Doern Glon
14. Monruedee Promjak - Lam Dangwai
15. Ubon Pattana Band with Surin Paksiri - Lam Sarawan
16. Bratuang Siangpalong - Tahaan Palat Song
17. Waipot Petsupan - Nang Maew Pee
18. Saksiam Petchompoo - Saksiam Grab Faen
19. Chanpen Sirithep - Lam Ploen Ha Faen
20. Samli Sitong - Pong Lang Sang Sao
21. Rome Srithammarat - Sao New Look