Friday, June 24, 2016

The Cat - Do the Watusi! 60s Garage/R&B/Shadowmusic from Thailand

A real astonishing set, presented by Thailands The Cat on their only LP. The title track may be considered Garage, other tracks are reminiscent of the Beatles or other 60s Bands. It is difficult to classify this set as pure Shadow Music (= those Bands from South East Asia, that were influenced by the Shadows extremely successful tour in the 60s thru the region and hence played instrumentals on western instruments with heavy farfisa organ sound like Son of P.M. or Johnny Guitar) even though this is the general feel. I picked 3 stand-out tracks, since my copy had a scratch, so I cannot upload the whole thing anyway. I picked the garage title track "Do the Watusi", a real groovy blaster called "I am gonna be free" (where the singer sounds like a young Big Maybelle or Little Esther) and the Shadow-style instrumental "Torpedo Run". They sing in English BTW! Enjoy!