Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hypnotic Lae Music from Waiphod Petsuphan (4-track EP)!

This little killer EP consists of 4 songs from Mr. Waiphod Petsuphan, in my humble opinion probably the best thai singer of all time! He started out singing Lae Music, which has a strong beat and usually religious or philosophical lyrics (other famous Lae singers are Porn Pirom or Kwanjit Sriprachan), and these 4 songs show several aspects of Lae. The first 2 songs are hypnotic variations on the same rhythm, with Mr. Waiphod using his voice on 2 tracks to speed up the acoustic music. The 3rd song has a mellow beat, whereas the last song comes closer to older and original forms of Lae. This little EP holds it all, so I uploaded the whole thing. If you are a little familiar with Thai Music you might know his song "Ding Ding Dong" which is a free improvisation on the "Ding Dong song" (referring to the caveman movie "When Women played Ding Dong" from 1971) and is featured on "The Sound of Siam" compilation from DJ Maft Sai. Paradise Bangkok recently did a repress of Ding Ding Dong (7"), get it while it is still available! Enjoy!

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