Friday, May 13, 2016

Pet Phin Thong - again! Thai Grooves from Isaan! Their 3rd Album (HLP 264)

Another Killer from the Pet Phin Thong Band! As requested the full album. Originally I wanted to post only the first side since all the groovy tracks are there. Side B in contrast contains several solo pieces, by Kaen or by Phin, and is rather for the real fan if I might say so... but please judge for yourself! BTW there were also 4 track EPs produced sometime in the early 70ties which contain the best tracks (3 EPs taken from the 3 Albums HLP 260, 262 and 264), so if its not possible for you to find the whole album (took me nearly 2 years to get a decent copy) you may get lucky with the 7 inch EPs!  Enjoy!


  1. Hi, Jan, keep on your introduction of excellent thai music~
    by the way, I've heard the album Angkanang Kunchai With Ubon Pattana Band - Isan Lam Plearn recently, it's very attractive too!

    1. you are right - one of the classics! It has recently been re-issued by em records, so I don't want to post it, they should have some profit first for their efforts. The original is different though, it includes 3 tracks by Sabaipare Buasod on Side 2. I will post 2 other great albums by Angkanang sooner or later...!