Friday, May 13, 2016

Pet Phin Thong - again! Thai Grooves from Isaan! Their 3rd Album (HLP 264)

Another Killer from the Pet Phin Thong Band! As requested the full album. Originally I wanted to post only the first side since all the groovy tracks are there. Side B in contrast contains several solo pieces, by Kaen or by Phin, and is rather for the real fan if I might say so... but please judge for yourself! BTW there were also 4 track EPs produced sometime in the early 70ties which contain the best tracks (3 EPs taken from the 3 Albums HLP 260, 262 and 264), so if its not possible for you to find the whole album (took me nearly 2 years to get a decent copy) you may get lucky with the 7 inch EPs!  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Re-up: Sroeng (Suang) Santi, the Black Superman! - "Phu Yingyai" - with Black Sabbath Cover! full album!

This week I would like to introduce Suang Santi (sometimes misspelled Sroeng Santi), a singer that started with rather common Luk Thung songs but later introduced Rock and Soul elements to his music, mixing it with great humor and political statements. He even did one Disco Album, but fans of Finders Keepers may know him mainly for his cover version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", repressed as a 7inch a couple of years back. "Phu Yingyai" ("the greatest") features a cover version of The Black Superman (Johnny Wakelin) as well as some Black Sabbath inspired songs (Dub Fai Kui Gan, Naman Paeng, Mai Rak Yaa Rak) that pop up from time to time on compilations, but the whole album is the real deal. As a little extra I included "Khuen Khuen Long Long", his iron Man Cover. Please forgive me as always for not naming single tracks, but to post A- and B-side as single tracks. Re-up!