Sunday, March 5, 2017

Banyen Rakkaen - this is where Molam really kicked off...!

...Molam is probably hundreds of years old, but for me it really kicks off with this album - because here the traditional Lam Ploen was taken to a new groove that it did not have before in my opinion. Older forms have a good groove as well, but here it started to kick you hard. This set does not yet use electric instruments, but the drums that support the traditional Kaen (mouthpipe) move it away from folklore and push in the direction of rough soul. I guess it is from the late sixties or early seventies. The recording itself has a raw quality that later Lam Ploen records do not possess. So here is this really rare record (titled "Lam Ploen Denn Isan") in all its glorious Mono for you to enjoy!


  1. Seriously? Now tourists decide when molam started. I'm SPEECHLESS! I would not say that you striclty have no clue about what you talk about but at least you could... By the way this "really rare record" is available since a while for 79b (around 2 euro).

    1. The Internet is a nice, warm and cozy place for all of us... nice people wherever you look. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion here with us! Since I hoped that somebody would like to discuss Molam and not insult the maker of this blog, maybe you could share with us at least when Morlam in your humble opinion really started (and I don't mean the Khaen only version), or where I can get a record, that sells for 3000 THB on thai websites, for 79 THB... I think that would be the polite way to share interest in Molam, and that is the purpose of this blog.