Sunday, October 29, 2017

Thai Funk/Luk Thung e-san from Mister Dao Bandon!

Sunday and some time to fool around...! This record from Mr. Dao Bandon has been with me for a while, but I only recently discovered how great it actually is. Probably a perfect example of what is often considered Thai Funk (which is not that funky, but more like late sixties soul that is just about to get funky). I'd rather say it is the E-san version of Luk Thung (luk thung e-san), and together with Saksiam Petchompoo and Thepporn Pethubon he is one of the great stars of this genre. His voice is much higher than for example Thepporn's, but this makes it so suitable for funky rhythms. Here is HLP 236! Beware, I did not include the last 2 songs, which like on many other records from this period give a far too sweet (=cheesy) closing to this record...

For further listening you may check out a recent compilation of his essential songs on the wonderful EM Records label from Japan called "Man on a Water Buffalo".

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